This week starts Lent.

I made a promise to God that I would move on.

I know you are spamming my emails, and of course, I don’t blame you. I broke my promise several times.

I have asked for your forgiveness and I still forgive you for what happened, even though I know how much you hate me.

I pray every day that will change. You know, D., in that horrible email you wrote, you said that you wanted to ??destroy my miserable existence??.

Just so you know, you succeeded in destroying a part of me inside with those words.

I know that you never had any respect or cared for me as a person to write such horrible things.

I am crushed to think that you are cruel enough to feel that way about anyone, including me.

I hope you will regret writing that someday.

I am not trash. I was your friend once.

I will never tell anyone about G. and C.

That is a promise I will keep forever.