I go and I mean everywhere.

Well get a load of this, and oh yea it’s me again, But it seems a lot of stuff is coming back to me in these days not only the return of the Jedi’s personal business if you know what I mean.

BUT I recall saying if I’m trying to impress these black folks down here on earth this good gospel in me so I say it?s going to take more the name Relic and me and you know this is why I got fired that even though I GOT that name from the other side from a so call girlfriend who was mad at me she said exzacty these words from the other side of the vail ?? That’s why your going to be an Gospek rapper by the name of Relic?? I must of pooked and look at me know still pooking at sound of this;if this was an exsape thanks but dam hurry and hypnotise me into St Luke please sir so I can go get my honey and my money.

Honestly I’m out of it exspecially after last night these also can be my last days swinging I’m beat every where I go and I mean every where I go and I mean everywhere.