Forgive me, my friends, stranger, and god.

I’m sorry that I’ve risked everyone’s lives, I’m sorry i was a coward, I’m sorry ive traumatized them, im sorry to acting a bitch that night, I’m sorry I’ve overdone it, I’m sorry i tried to cope out, I’m sorry for the stress and pessimism that I’ve been spreading, I’m sorry for causing worry, I’m sorry for complaining, I’m sorry being a screwup, i need to grow up, I’m sorry for causing stress to the stranger, I’m sorry for my ugly character.

I want to change and am changing, but for now, i need to be down in the dumps for weeks before i can be a better me again.

Please understand everyone…

for now i have to put on a front so i won’t have to worry people anymore, but inside i will be dying for a while until I can pick myself up again.

Forgive me god, friends, and strangers.

I’m so sorry.

I’m a scumbag and a piece of crap.

I am truly sorry.

I can’t go back in time, I’m sorry god, please have mercy on me forgive me, and please don’t have my family and friends worry about me.

please bless that stranger.

forgive me