I love you god please help.

Charity, Davis needs help to get some money to buy the things that I need I want a new home and a car to drive and I want to go to church and be happy and love god and for my family to be protected and for things to go my way for me to to be happy and treat people nice and kind and for all the things that I would and want in my life to work for me because I love god and I know God.

We all need the love and kindlyness.

I love you god, please help.

I love you <3

After Reading everything about you and your history, knowing you took people away from me for a reason, You heard conversations that I didn’t. 

love you god

Thank god for food, money, a house, and everything I have. The almighty, I would request you to please meet me, god, I want to

How To Make Others Love Us?

There is no secret formula. You also know that the genie who makes wishes can do almost anything. Because interfering with emotions or influencing them