she’ll never forgive me

I went and changed my life insurance policy and, while my kids and grankids will get something too, I left a chunk of it to my ex.

I’m filled with regret over the way I treated her when we were together.

I treated her horribly and I know there is not enough sorry in the world to fix all the bad things I did.

I just hope this can let her know that I do regret my behavior towards her more than she’ll ever know.

What I did was not right.

I was a total fool and now she’s not in my life and never will be again.

It’s the only thing I can think to do to offer something of real value for what I put her through.

Even if she forgave me, I know there’s a lot I have to face up for.

If she never forgave me, she’d be well within her right.

I just want her to know in some way that I am sorry.

She wants nothing to do with me anymore and I don’t blame her.

But I do regret what I did.

Even the things I can’t admit to.