sins and more sins

Once again, I really didn’t try to hard to improve and overcome. I confess to almighty GOD and to you my brothers and sisters that I’m a sinner.

I choose sin over God to often, i do know better but don’t seem to care at times. i am guilty of not being appreciative of JESUSs sacrifice on the cross for me………and for the many chances GOD has given me………. I am to willfull!!!…

I admit to unrighteous thoughts, anger, swearing, taking diety names in vain, idess, insinsitivity, not keeping of covenants, hardness of heart, manipulation, unkind words, divisiveness, watching p, hate, theft, ETC!!! ETC!!!! And any other sin I can’t recall at this time. I ask for your prayers that I may become true to God and myself. ??may Almighty God forgive me (all of us!) and bring me into everlasting life.

God, I ask for your Grace, patience, understanding, and your help to overcome for myself and anyone out there in the world who also wants to repent. :

Please forgive us as we forgive others!!!!??….