Sorry my sins

Dear lord so so sorry for what happened sins please forgive me for this that want doing no more please let me be not god be nothing in return me to heaven be god people in black Africa America person in please have no idea in no trouble problem and yes let me be a female girl women in yes please I am not the devil and yes please grew up and nice sweet and yes not perfect never being perfect born again and yes never ever again be your girlfriend and wife and yes just your daughter and god people in yes lord please let me know how to drive vehicles car in yes get my drivers licenses please lord help me out thank you so much and have a blessed job in yes please let me stop make wish Santa Claus a letter in just prayer and yes stop fight hurt go through in yes be nothing ready to grew up and yes leaven people along and yes.

Please let us start over again years and years and yes let it be the same thing in yes please do for good and give nobody in trouble and yes yet do good in what right in yes then please let us go back to heaven and yes.

Dear lord, please let maya alys carswell be my men boyfriend and husband and yes names Edmonds ed Horne in yes Jesus Christ and please let everyone everybody in everything be back to normal in yes Jesus Christ name amen