this void I have in my heart.

I think I may have finally found the ONE…

I was starting to think I might never find him.

His name is Rich, and we met through a work function.

We had the opportunity to spend a lot of time working together.

All my co-workers believe he s me through his little signs and etc.

Every day I felt down when he wasn’t around me, wishing he was there.

When he was there, I was a complete nervous mess.

I have never been this happy just standing next to someone.

He has changed my life without me knowing.

Our last day working together was Friday so I put my contact information in the card we gave him and said to keep in touch.

Now I am driving myself crazy wishing he’d just simply email me just a hi or something.

I never told him my feelings, and maybe I blew my chance.

It’s really all in his hands now.

I pray to god every chance I have to ask him to bring us together.

I would NEVER ask it of him if I didn’t truly believe we meant to be

I ask that my prayer be answered so I can fill this void I have in my heart.