god list to me love u father

Dear god I feel i lost everything in my life i lost my beast friend and my wife i love her so much god she left us god me and kelly for another guy and now she is haveing a nother child that not mine

I could not give one because I had two surge and the dr said that i can’t have any more kids so i blame my self for that she left us august 8 2007 what did I do wrong she came back but she was coming to get her stofe and the cops got her because she was want by the law i love her so much but i forgave her god i wish she would come to u god i hope she nows that i love her so much

I wish she would write to me say that she love me and kelly god she in jail right now u now that god god please put your hand on her please this is coming frome my heart i hop she ok i wish i knew what i did was rong to her i did not leave her she left me god and left me sick she new that

I was sick and i am still fighting for my life i wish i can stop crying for her but i can’t stop crying for her we was married for 17 years and i still lover her so much that i will die for her i wish she would writ to me and kelly that her child she is 15 years old she new that just had a nother surg done on November 12 for cancer thay took out have of my long out but when i was in there my long claps 4 times on me

I love cheryl so much i wish she would not left us for a nother guy and now she have another child i feel that my fult because i could not give her another child i don’t now if i could take her back i am lost what to do but i love her so much god can you tell her that i love her so much and kelly love her i wish would writ to me but she love this other guy more then me so I will keep praying for her thank u god list to me love u father