In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Dear God, It’s been an amazing expereance, I?ve actually experenced in this situation.

I’ve Prayed & Prayed, to be Healed.

Lord, I would that Woman which you choose for me.

Adventually I?m moving to fast.

Lord, give me one chance of proven the devil wrong.

Give my life, a new start.

Allow me to not worry about what others have to say.

Allow me to get this job at GGFH, in the name of Jesus.

Allow my voice grow so I can sang again.

Allow me to write again.

Let me hear a wsord from you Father.

Please give me the strength of being a Father of my own.

As I remember how to write stage plays; Give me the chance of a lifetime of presenting it to the World.

Take the profanity out of my system.

This I ask of you, In the name of Jesus.