I never considered myself bad-looking

This is how I have always felt when I was a little child, and on growing up i always felt unwanted, i was always smaller and skinnier than anybody else, and came from a poor, selfish, and hateful family (believe me!

That’s not touching the dysfunction)… I never considered myself bad-looking or anything, but i never seemed to be the one the opposite sex was ever interested in.

When I was younger, i even was a friend to the friendless–not that i had to but because i always could see the hurting and lonely.

Today I do a lot of reaching out to others and God seems to help me with it!!! However, where ever I go there is a lot of opposition, resentment, and betrayal. It really makes one feel rejected….but i know my own value and i pursue that which is honorable even when others are against me and chose dishonorable actions to sway associates, family, and friends to turn on me.

This seems to be my lot, i was told in a N.D.E. years ago i had that if i returned, i would be misunderstood almost by all… Man!! That really was the truth!!!!!!!!. Now i’m fat and skinny moving on in faith trying (but failing more often than not) to serve GOD and mankind.