By Your neverending grace.

Lord God, may You glorify Yourself always – as it is Your great pleasure to do – and I pray that You would grant to those whom You have chosen the eyes to see Your glory and to find their source of joy in You – as is the chief existence of man.

I pray that You would grant understanding to the world, that all would know that You do not reside on a wall, and that, cloaked in the imputed righteousness of Your perfectly holy Son, we may come boldly into Your throne room, ascribe glory to You, and have come with You in that Son’s precious name.

May Your name be hallowed on earth, and may You glorify Your Son by revealing to us the awesome beauty of Your plan of redemption, of proclaiming the innocence of those who call upon the blood of Your pure and spotless Lamb, as our eyes are opened to see Your kingdom, and Christ’s sinless account is ascribed to us by Your neverending grace.