I can not do it myself

God, I try to forgive people, I have been hurt by many people.

But they just keep doing the same things to me over and over again.

They do not even want to admit to what they have done and can always turn it around to make it look I am at fault.

I am not, they know it.

But they would rather go to their graves with their pride and arrogance intact than to admit to their guilt and deception.

My life goes on without them and away from them because to be associated with them would only drag me down into their problems.

I can’t help them, I can’t change them, I can’t rescue them.

And I find it very hard to forgive them.

In my mind, I can forgive them, but my heart still feels the pain of what they did.

You, God, can change them and help me with forgiveness.

They can not do it themselves, and I can not do it myself.