we love you Jesus

Dear God, why did you pick us???????? will we ever fly????????? when will you answer us

we love you, Jesus

I Will Always Love You

We Love Because God First Loved Us???

I just want to let you know that I love you so much And I am always in your heart so send a letter back.

Thank you, Lord, for this New Day.

Let’s take this greatest opportunity by Praying and asking our Beloved

I confess that I have sinned by telling lies, I have spoken badly of God and of the angels, and by desperation, I tried to

Well, once again, I decided to sin big time all of a sudden. I live a good Christian life and then get a desire to

My love I did not lie

I am writing here for the last time. I want to trust life to lead us to the best places. I did not lie because

My Soul Only today I understand what you are going through. I apologize that I was so inconsiderate and unattractive. You tried to explain to me

God, This is too much. I cannot take this constant rejection from jobs, this lack of income, this lack of my own home, lack of