What is Forgiveness

So what’s forgiveness anyhow?
Are we ever sorry for something we’ve done?
Have we hurt anyone and we wish to ask for forgiveness? Or perhaps “forgiveness” is an expression which has become so deeply rooted in our culture that we casually use the term “forgiveness” in many days to day situations?

Forgiveness means many things:
Excuse me, what time is it?
Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the mall?
Pardon, pardon me, sir?
Forgive me for hurting you.
Forgive me for getting hurt by you

The meaning of the word forgiveness

Pardon/Excuse me

• A word of apology for something that happened, a word which expresses remorse for something that might have hurt someone else.
• A polite appeal to someone aimed at gaining his attention, asking him a question, correcting him, and so on.
• A polite appeal to someone asking him to repeat his words (which were not heard, or which were not understood properly).

To Forgive/Remittal

Granting forgiveness or pardon, abolishing punishment well deserved for some bad action, or revenge.


The tendency to forgive, leniency – preventing from expressing any criticism against something due to consideration or noble nature


Compensating a friend that was hurt; redemption will only be achieved after you solve all problems between you.

• What makes one ask for forgiveness is the tools offered to him for mending his actions after expressing his regrets and asking for forgiveness.

Write Your Forgiveness