Why didn’t I get my result

Dear god,
Please tell me why why you don’t give results Am I not deserving happiness? Why because of so many efforts, I didn’t gwet results. I think my positivity is hell for me. What if you think I am not a human being fine I would not suicide because of my parents, but you snacthed all things for me all.

God please help

Dear God, God, please help me. Today is the day. Please make the result undetectable. Please, I’m begging. I promise to be a better person

My man

Please keep my man away from these hoes, dear lord; I start going into a depression. God, please help me with all my test results.

God please help me

God, sorry if I started to forget you. I didn’t mean it. Please, God, bless me for my test tomorrow. Make that test to be

About Longing And Loneliness

Please help me

I lazied for two years for no reason. Everything is my fault, and this minute to I’m wasting it. I’m really sad that I did

How To Overcome A Breakup In A Relationship

How To Overcome A Breakup In A Relationship

How to deal with separation from a spouse Did you hear that the ex/divorcee/spouse/spouse moved on? Has his / her Facebook status changed? Have you

How To Increase Our Self-esteem?

How To Increase Our Self-esteem?

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