That spirals downward again and again.

For the lust that overwhelms my soul and within lies a big dark hole.

That spirals downward again and again.

Driving me insane. When will it end? I hate this pain.

I hate this lust.

With this sin.

I will be dust.

Please, God, wash away the sin that I’m in so maybe yours once again.

For I see these quick shadows of darkness fly by me, and I feel the empty chill of the great satan before me.

My eyes become week as they fade in and out.

And I take a deep breath, and can’t even shout.

For this hollow dark euphoria that flattens my brain.

My teeth are chattering.

I’m going insane.

For this spirit of darkness makes me yawn.

I’m searching for you God and feel a pawn. For why am I tested to feel all this pain? For I know the devil is making me afraid.

So I’m crying out to God with all my heart. Satan be gone, But I know still he hasn’t moved on.

I used to see twinkles of lights around me, but all I see is dark shadows wisking before me.

For the spiritual battle has certainly begun as I know they’re around me and it’s not for fun.

Please forgive me for my continued lust that haunts my mind from morning till dusk.