still I say thank you.

Dear God, I have done so much in my life and I don’t know what you have in store for me, but all I ask for in my life is peace, happiness, fulfillment, and security.

I ask these things because I don’t believe that I have this in my life and I feel I am going crazy, I know how it is to be without you and I want that part of me back I want to know you more and have you in my life more, I want to be able to take you wherever I go and know you are here for me, my family and friends.

I ask that you bless every good relationship in my life and that you help me find the things that will bring peace, happiness, fulfillment, security, and a better understanding of you, I want my mother to get help, I want her to stop drinking and for you to help heel the pain she has been feeling for so long and finally learn how to forgive and to forgive herself.

I pray that I find love not only in you but in a special person of your choosing.

I can’t bear to be hurt again, and I want to trust but its hard.

I know my struggle is only to be closer to you and all that I go through is just a testimony of endurance and faith.

I know you are real, I feel you sometimes but I want you around all the time.

Please Bless me God and if a Blessing for me is not possible let me be a Blessing to another, let me help heal what I can’t in my own heart.

Thank you God, I know you hear all and see all.

Bless me, please and forgive of my sins and iniquities.

Thank you God, there are not enough words in the human language to express my gratitude nor the magnitude for which you give but yet and still I say thank you.