you have brought into my life.

God, Please forgive me for all the sins I have committed.

I am truly sorry for them.

Thank you for Angela.

She was here for only a short while and we never got along, but she brought 2 boys into this world and she helped out somebody while she was here. Lord, Please help me with my oldest son, Dalton.

I love him with all my heart, but his behavior and actions towards others is very hurtful to my heart.

I don’t want others to see him and say mean things about him.

God, please help my mother get past all her negativity.

She is negative about EVERYTHING! Help her to see the positive side of life.

Please keep, in my sister’s heart, that I love her, and I’m very sorry for causing her so much pain.

And God, one last thing, please help Michael.

He needs as much help from you as he can get.

really wish he could come home right now.

I love him, I miss him and I need him so much.

God, Thank you for my kids.

Dalton, Jillian, and Ethan. Thank you for such a great mom.

Thank you so much for Michael.

He and my kids are my happiness in a world of sadness.

And thank you for everyone else you have brought into my life.

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