you. I will wait for you! Ann

God in Jesus Christ I beg you to help me to be strong and live for you, so I may let my light so forth shine for you Lord, so that I can be a bright light in a dark place and show others how to be happy with you lord.

I give it all to you God.



Help me to believe and serve you.

Give to me and show me how to gain money to have gas to visit others and to buy clothes and things for Christmas for my family.

My little children and grandchildren, my aging parents, my other loving relatives.

Please God lift this depression from my heart and give me peace.

I wanted to come home.

Help me accept your will Lord.

Send me signs or dreams Lord in Jesus Name please help me to recognize the things that are from you verses the things the devil makes to look they are from you.

The bible says he is the author of confusion.

God I am so confused.

How do I know how to go and do and when and where.

Please make the pain in my body go away.

Heal me Lord.

I promise to follow you if you will only show me.

I am so dumb Lord.

I don’t see things easy.

I don’t? want anyone hurt and I am so afraid of YOU Lord.

I ask and I don’t understand why I fear that you will allow horrible things to happen to me.

Lord I have not always lived a christian in the past, but drinking, but Lord even then I knew you and told others of you.

I did things in moderation Lord but not your will.

I try now, but God I feel I have nothing to look forward to.

I am afraid.

I thank you Lord for my wonderful children and grandchildren.

I should be happy.

I miss my brother that I thought would be here for me.

I don’t know if he is in heaven God.

I don’t even know if anyone will go to heaven.

I believe in you Lord, but I am so confused.

I have been hurt so very much and I am not perfect.

When will you help me Lord.

I feel you are and have been helping me all along, but I have never felt so depressed.

I need you Lord.

Only you can help me.

Only you God in heaven in Jesus name.


I LOVE YOU GOD> I Believe in JESUS CHRIST your son.

I am ready for you.

I will wait for you! Ann