your forgiveness of sins. Amen

Dear God, I know you have called me unto you with a purpose and a destiny.

I know you have called me with a holy calling.

I know you will take me to heights I would find unimaginable because with you ALL things are possible.

Father, you know my weakeness that keep me from reaching the places you have called me to go. I ask that you transform those weaknesses to strengths for your Glory.

Father, I want to eliminate from my life the bondage of cigarettes. I know this is not of you.

I want to be a living sacrifice unto you and I can’t if I am bound.

Please Father, Help me. Give me the strength and will power to put them down once and for all.

You havedelivered me from so many other things, and I know you will deliver me from this bondage. I thank you in advance for the deliverence you are going to bestow upon me.

Thank you Father for your Love, your grace, your Mercy and your forgiveness of sins.