My wishes

Hi God, This is Sophia from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I don’t like living with my mother, so can you please get rid of her from […]

lo siento mama

lo siento por ser tan mala persona, contigo. la culpa no es tuya, sino mia, tanto estres por hacer la tareas es algo muy agoviante; […]

Thank you

Greetings I hope you recognise me. I am Aadya the one who delivered a letter with apricot lip balm thumb print. I seriously need your […]

You’re my best friend.

You’re my best friend. You love me too. It’s so hard… if I will stay alone, I will die. You don’t really see it, but […]

I feel lost

I am lost God. I try to show my appreciate for life and all you’ve given me, and I know I fail miserably. I want […]

Sorry and Thank You

Dear Lord, Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. I am sorry when I make mistakes. Thank you for Jesus and the […]


Hello god I am sorry for everything I have done in the past 12 years of me being alive and if I could I would […]

Urgent help

Dear God, I ask You to please intercede urgently for my daughter, who is facing a major situation tomorrow. It’s so serious and I beseech […]