to God

if you are real heal the hearts of those I have hurt heal my heart from the hurt I am mad at you or unsure […]


Heavenly Father, I have always wondered what the purpose of my life is. I am wondering what my life has in store for me. Could […]


I know I don’t ask for much from you but my family really needs your help right now with my great uncle Ronnie he is […]

Guidance At Work

Dear God, Thank you again today for all the blessings and for giving us our daily needs. Sorry Lord God if I did something bad […]

yes it is true

revenge quiky, wanted to get even and keep it in reserve for the day when you would do me wrong, and i did throw it […]

Give me a break

God you are nothing other than a second rate public servant. Completely useless and all care no responsibility. Throughout my entire life every time I […]