Please Forgive Me

Almighty god please forgive me for the sins I have made Please show not only me but everyone else in the world that they can […]


Hey God, my name is David and tomorrow i have a math test which is difficult. I hope i am doing well at the test […]

actually where are you

Thank you for everything … but what about my mom and dad . i want to see them happy and in peace ….. can’t you […]

Sorry God

I feel like I’m an awful person. I only View people like sexual objects. I use them, and then I discard them. Maybe is that […]

Guiding me back

Lord, I ask that you please help me during this tough time. Breaking up with my ex was the hardest thing I have ever experienced […]

Help him

Hi, God ive know i done bad things but, i want you to help someone i love truly his name is Angel Bermudez-travieso i pray […]

I need u

I really need u Lord. Pls do not let the others suffer the consequences of what ive done. Open a way for all my problems. […]