yes it is true

revenge quiky, wanted to get even and keep it in reserve for the day when you would do me wrong, and i did throw it […]

Give me a break

God you are nothing other than a second rate public servant. Completely useless and all care no responsibility. Throughout my entire life every time I […]


God, I repent of my sins, transgressions yes, and I repent of them. My choices throughout my life, have caused suffering. I do choose but […]


Dear God, I want nothing for myself. Whatever pain and suffering you have lined for me I accept it. I only ask mercy for cats […]

I really messed up

I am just going to list off my sins, I usually try to work on them but I choose to do some really bad stuff […]

From your daughter

Dear god, i love the life you provided me. But it is quite exhausting, please release me from this world and let me be near […]