Letter to God

Have you ever felt the need to express your deepest thoughts, feelings, and hopes to a higher power? If so, we have the perfect platform for you. Our website provides a safe and anonymous space for you to write a letter to God.

Our website is designed to offer a non-judgmental and supportive environment for you to share your thoughts and feelings with the divine. You can express your gratitude, ask for guidance, seek comfort, or simply share your hopes and dreams in a letter addressed to God.

Writing a letter to God is a powerful tool for self-reflection, healing, and personal growth. It allows you to connect with a higher power and gain a sense of clarity and purpose. Our website provides a simple and intuitive platform for you to write your letter, save it, and return to it whenever you need to.

So, if you’re looking for a way to connect with the divine and express your innermost thoughts and feelings, come to our website and write a letter to God. You’ll find a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your desire for spiritual connection and personal growth. We’re here to help you on your journey towards spiritual fulfillment and personal transformation.

Forgivenet invites you to send your prayers to God.

You can  write a letter to your God and send prayers, seeds of hope, to the most sacred places in the Holy Land:

To light a candle:

In the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem

In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

To send a prayer / a letter to God to the Western Wall in Jerusalem

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God i know voh mere sath nhi rehna chahata usko merese peecha chudana hai ……..par uske paas bahut log hai sath me baat krne k liye […]

How am I doing Lord?

Dear Lord, Been having my “cerebral conversations” with you. This is because I am literally alone in an area I have moved myself to, 4 provinces […]

My purpose

Father Lord. Thank You for Your blessings that i have come this far. Thank You for many lessons that i am constantly receiving and all the […]

Why me

Dear God ,why is this happening to me, I try to stay positive and try not to work with criminals and be criminals,and yet I get […]