Personal Confessional

In the personal confessional, you can tell the things you’ve never told anyone.
If you have a confession about an act, crime, sin, or even behavior that you regret or are ashamed of, and until now you haven’t managed to get it off your chest and tell someone – now’s your chance.

You can write your anonymous confessions and anonymous secrets.

The Forgivenet website gives you a place to confess and tell the things you’ve never told anyone.

Recent Confessions

Anonymous Post

I hate my sins.

On top of all my other sins, I have a problem with impatience, pride, related sins. I hate this. Can someone out there pray for […]

Sorry I hurt myself

Of all the people I hurt, I always knew how to ask forgiveness. No matter what I am, I always say sorry! I’m sorry I […]

I have so sinned…

Besides the swearing, being pissed off, and the occasional gossip, fibbing and other defects… My biggest sins are jacking off and the rare watching of […]

un amor muy luchado

hola, soy estudiante universitario, mi enamorado vive a kilometros de distancia de mi y nos conocimos por medio de internet, el punto es que solía […]

For I have sinned

Lately I have been sinning really bad. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I have done things like watching -p and I haven’t […]

Private confession

I will begin with this confession: Father Bless me for I have sinned, I gave my children bad example I did not instruct them in […]