The blood father has NOT ONCE given

Precious Jesus, Please allow Alexandrea to win full and complete custody of Yasmin.

The blood father has NOT ONCE given her a penny, formula, clothes, diaper or a toy.

He wants to take her and we fear for her safety as he drinks a lot and parties.

His sense of humor borders on poor, poor taste.

We do not want her around his large dogs or to be left unattended or crying.

There is too many risks of violation as she is a pretty little girl.

You gave us this gift to love and protect.

that is what we wish to accomplish through your intervention and good council.

Please help us afford the best lawyer possible and we thank you for each and every blessing you have bestowed on us.

Please, Jesus, favor us with this tremendous request.

As your mother Mary loved you and tried to protect you……….

please protect our Yasmin.

We gently put her into your hands and ask for her safety.

All praise and glory go unto you Father.