How to release anger?

We’re all angry!

No one should be an angry person all the time. Anger exists in everyone and one thing is the intensities with which anger erupts.

Anger is an integral part of our lives and comes when things do not work out the way we wanted and when we do not get what we want when we want and how we want.

Sometimes the anger comes because we carry with us a “weight” / pain of trauma, crisis, disappointment, and even insecurity or trust in people. And sometimes one trigger bounces us off every time again.

The good news is that there is something to be done

There is a way to reduce the intensity of anger

  • Do not respond to automatic
  • Getting to a point where we move on quickly and the anger does not manage, but we manage it
  • Understand what triggers anger – sometimes you carry a weight/pain on which the anger sits. Sometimes it is an open wound or even a mess and clutter in life. Breaking trust, etc.

Change of attitude

Anger release is a way of action that breaks down the difficulty into stages through exercises and tasks that make it possible to put on a real and honest look and that will help deal with any situation that may reduce the intensity of anger and the automatic response.

How will this affect your quality of life?

How to manage intensities of anger and not respond to automaton

How to release the anger and also on the way the weight/pain on which the anger sits

Substantial change will help you accept yourself anew, forgive yourself for the past and significantly raise your self-worth and self-confidence anew.