How To Release Jealousy With The Help Of 5 Questions

Have you ever looked at the girl sitting in the cafe, groomed and smiling, as if she was on the roof of Olympus? You also wanted to look like her, or a close friend who manages to earn twice as much as me, or someone who lost 10 pounds and looks like the end of the road and you want, or a girl who looks less Better than me but she has a relationship. Also, three children and I still do not have, or about the one who does not stop filling halls with the lectures he gives, I also want to be as successful as him and more and more comparison stories we do in front of other people. So nice to meet you, jealousy has arrived. Or rather… she has always been there, but it’s time to talk about her too. So what’s the point of jealousy?

Why do we envy other people and also not admit it? How to release jealousy with the help of 5 questions and turn jealousy into inspiration?

So what is jealousy anyway?

Jealousy is an emotion that everyone has. It is a universal emotion we feel when others achieve what we want to achieve in ourselves or when someone else has something we do not have, like everything else.

When we think of jealousy, we sometimes confuse two types of jealousy. We can be jealous of someone, and we can be jealous of someone.

Five questions to release jealousy

First question: What did the jealousy reveal to you about yourself? Why do we not value ourselves? For example, I carry anger for a long time because of jealousy. Is that why I can not open up and find a relationship? That I ask a lot why. Why did I not have the audacity to produce the supantanness he has, and I do not have?

Second question: What do we value?

Think upside down. I’m more planning things, and it calms me down, or there are people I’m jealous of, and it’s fun for me to pardon them.

Third question: What do we give up on ourselves? What are you missing? In what do we believe we are not important enough that we have nothing to offer?

I’m not good enough like him. He succeeded in the venture he developed, and I did not. He has a financially supportive family, and I do not have one – and maybe that’s why I did not succeed. Excuses no chance- I reduce myself and close options

Fourth question: How do we respond to jealousy? If at all, react?

Aggressive aggression. Did these nerves of jealousy make you do anything? For example, we are jealous of our friends’ relationships. So what do we do with it? Stop meeting them or change the camera’s direction and think about what we can do differently in our relationship.

Fifth question: What are we afraid of losing or who?