How To Deal With Disappointments?

  • When was the last time you were disappointed with someone, a situation, or yourself?
  • How much do we expect, want something to happen, plan and dream, and it does not always happen ?!
  • It is said that the expectation is the size of the disappointment, and on the other hand, expectations… only the pillows have!
  • So is it possible not to expect, not to hope, or to stop dreaming so as not to be disappointed?
  • And if we have already been disappointed, what do we do? How do we deal with and release disappointment?

How To Clear Disappointment?

Separate from irrelevant expectations, three expectations worth shattering

  1. After all, this is the whole Torah on one foot. Love your neighbor as yourself. If we do not love and value ourselves, we do not allow others to love and appreciate us.
  2. Each of us has values and beliefs that guide us in our life. And yes, we tend to expect others to meet the standards we live by. Or at least tell ourselves we are alive
  3. To say and not to make assumptions

And If We Were Already Disappointed

Focus on that moment – live the moment and think about what you are doing while doing it. Do not move to live in the future and wait or live in the memories of the past.

Ask if this is really what we expect and want to happen.

Accept reality and be aware of what has happened, and understand that the ability to change is in my hands

Coordinate expectations to say what I want and not make assumptions or wait for the other to do what I want

Accept the disappointment

restraint. Do not respond directly to the automaton’s thinking before developing tolerance tolerance

Show forgiveness and compassion for yourself and understand if you did everything it took to be successful