How To Stop Arguing And Being Disappointed With Reality

So do you choose to argue and be disappointed with reality or get more peace, tranquility, and healing through forgiveness?

How Simple It Sounds And How Difficult It Is To Implement!

Because our automaton is arguing, not getting what I want.

Do not know how to give up, let go of control of justice and also feel sometimes… helplessness. And the price is sometimes heavy because when I argue with reality, not only do I lose,

But also does not allow development and natural change, misses the moment, does not appreciate the moment, does not see moments of joy, expects, disappoints, is frustrated, resentful, angry, does not forgive, and more and more…

And there is a cure for all this, beyond insights and a way of life, there is a healing of mental reckoning here with a lot of forgiveness and compassion to stop and reduce from arguing with reality.

When We Argue With Reality, There Is A Struggle

How many struggles and how many wars do we go through with ourselves and with others?

Struggles that create such restlessness in our lives have storms, fears, dilemmas, mistakes, challenges, anger, and full of thoughts that create a kind of war against the “armor of the ego” that wants to show how strong and controlling we are…

Because no matter how much we hide the pain, the wounds, and the scratches

You can not sweep under the rug. Sometimes it seems to be forgotten, but suddenly it can appear and erupt like a volcano and hit me and others harder.

This is a war. And in war, everyone loses

When We Argue With What Was, There Is Guilt

And where there is guilt, abundance ends. There is a blocking stop and blasts.

And blocking creates resentment, frustration, and a great deal of anger.

And when angry… Be careful, it’s a danger

And the healing power here is forgiveness

You made a mistake. Stop India. Take responsibility and apologize

  • To wake up is to face reality
  • Meet with what bothers you if it’s a fear
  • Feel the pain
  • Ask questions even if there are no answers
  • To be helpless
  • Let go of control

Open your eyes. The answers will come when we believe in ourselves that there is a reason we are here. And they will come through messengers, people’s dreams, books, prayers, songs, and a lot of contemplation.

In such situations, filter out background noise and concentrate on yourself And forgive.

Yes, forgiveness and compassion.