7 Tips On How To Be Less Nervous?

Feeling nervous is natural, but there are ways to manage it. Start by practicing deep breathing exercises to calm your mind and body. Regular physical activity, such as walking or yoga, can also help reduce anxiety. Prepare thoroughly for any situation that makes you nervous, as confidence grows with preparation. Focus on positive thoughts and visualize success. Limit caffeine and sugar, as they can increase nervousness. Talk to someone you trust about your feelings; sharing can provide relief. Additionally, practicing mindfulness and staying present in the moment can reduce anxiety. Remember, it’s okay to feel nervous, but with these strategies, you can manage and reduce it effectively.

Are the children angry with you? Are you worried about your livelihood? The zoom is already discouraging, the education systems, the demonstrations around, the new reality, and maybe even boredom is stressing you out, and inhibiting thoughts are dizzying you.

And despite all that, how can one be less nervous these days?

Note that these are situations of injustice. And the truth is, you can not get rid of reality, situations, or angry people, but you can certainly learn to control your reactions.

Anger comes in different intensities. Above anger, there is higher intensity and even outbursts of anger. And beneath the anger, there is a frown. First, it is important to know what emotion we are dealing with and its intensity so we can reduce ‘volume’ and choose how to respond differently.

Methods for calming nerves and controlling anger

Tips on how to be less nervous:

Reduce auto-response and maintain more restraint

Just before the anger erupts, ‘breathe until ten’ and practice the ‘traffic light method’ in three colors:

  • In red, stop and do not react.
  • In orange, pay attention to how you can react. What is the gain, what is the loss, and do I want to respond and be smart or right?
  • In green, they chose how to respond.

Leave the situation area and do some activities such as drinking water, listening to music, jumping, etc.

When we leave the “danger zone” and perform a certain action, it allows us to reduce the intensity of the anger.

Music can reduce anger, stress, and anxiety because music is a trigger for mood swings and can change moods.

Adapting to the existing situation to accept reality

You choose to be resentful and blame anything that moves around you or take responsibility and create movement. It is not possible to go back in time and change what happened. Pay attention to your words and thoughts that take you back to the past, anger, judgment, hatred, and guilt.

Focus on the here and now and what you can do because there is always more choice. Because if we do not take such steps, anger and nerves will continue to run and take over our lives.


  • Listening to ourselves and others reduces anger
  • Have you ever tried to listen to someone with full attention?
  • Listen without judgment and without thinking while how to respond.
  • Listen without having to give advice or decide what is good for the other.
  • And listen without gossiping afterward behind your back and passing the information on?

Start the day right. The beginning of our day affects the course of the whole day. Many start their daily routine when they open their eyes by checking messages, emails, and recent updates of stressful news that causes anger, nerves, and low mood.

Compassion is one of the healing emotions and allows us to accept the facts of what happened in that situation without judging ourselves or another person. When we are compassionate, we are not in a hurry to blame, as we are used to doing, but rather seek and can even see the human in the situation and respond differently.

Choose a time when you do something for yourself, such as: reading a book, exercising, listening to a podcast, walking, running, meeting a friend, etc. Time for myself allows us to “recharge ourselves” and reduce nerves and anger.

And if you’re nervous about someone smiling at him, do something nice for him it will only surprise and open the hearts of both of you.