How To Overcome Fear Even In Five Seconds

3 initial steps to overcome the fear that will populate, we are rightly afraid life is scary sometimes, and there are so many struggles we have to go through.

When was the last time you asked yourself what scares you in life? What is inhibiting? Stuck stuck?

  • Is it a fear of changing because of what others want?
  • Fear of not loving myself?
  • Be on a routine?
  • Fear that I will die and not be remembered?
  • Fear of losing someone you love?
  • Fear of failing and perhaps succeeding?
  • Or fear of stepping out of my comfort zone and losing myself in all the hustle and bustle my life calls?

This fear begins with the stories you tell yourself. And continued with excuses. It’s hard for me to make a change. I have not been taught, I have no luck, and more and more such clichés.

The real reason we convince ourselves of fears is to add to them reinforcements of excuses of no chance and thus sometimes convey an entire life of stress, sucks routine, anger, and even health problems that may float.