How Does A Morning Routine Reduce Anger?

How do we change and make our morning routine more precise by planning and practicing a few actions?

A morning routine has importance on a deeper level: what we do in the morning can also affect our productivity during the day.

Every morning we wake up with a reservoir of energy, you could say mental energy. I call it the sack of patience. It’s a sack that we, in quotes, do not want to waste, and certainly not in the morning. During the day, we will expend this energy on all sorts of things that require willpower or decision-making.

It could be a little thing like deciding what to wear or what to eat, or a bigger thing like refraining from getting into an argument with someone at work, refraining from someone cutting us off on the road, or being late for a meeting, disappointment that I expected something to happen and not happen and moreā€¦

so what are we doing?

Keeping this energy in the morning does not waste it to manage this energy store smartly. One has to learn to conserve energy and expend it during the day only on really important things. Therefore, in the first hours of the day, you should expend as little energy as possible and stick to a regular routine that does not require decision-making.

The idea is to make the morning routine a regular habit, to plan things in advance so as not to invest thought or you will not have to invest thought, hesitate or hesitate.

Once the morning routine becomes an automatic habit, you will have a dual benefit: both saving mental energy and a sense of control over things, which will improve mood, focus motivation, less stress, and anger