Did You Hurt Anyone? Ten Steps To Win Forgiveness

What to do when we hurt someone, we let them down, we cheated, we cheated, we made mistakes, we judged, or we blamed

  • We all make mistakes
  • We all say something out of place
  • Hurt others, accuse, judge, shout…

And then regret and guilt and anger over how I did something that goes against who I am and my values…

And it hurts us the most… that we hurt a person who lied to us

We shouted at our kids

We said a painful word to the parents

We accused a friend of lying to us without finding out the facts

We lied to our spouses

We cheated, we betrayed…

And at that moment,… do not always know what to do except say… sorry

And there is more to do so. Need to make an effort!

The ten steps will make others forgive us or bring them closer there.

Step 1: Leave the logic aside – speak from emotion and not from the mind

Step 2: Take full responsibility

Step 3: True forgiveness

Step 4: Be prepared to bear the consequences

Step 5: Start doing an action that will stand up to the words you said

Step 6: Giving after

Step 7: I did not benefit from the act

Step 8: Investigation

Step 9: All for the better

Step 10: Coordinate expectations