How To Live The Moment Even When It Is Difficult?

Living the moment, focusing on what is there, appreciating, and enjoying are no longer just slogans. We all know and are aware of the fact that it is impossible to know what will be, and yet we still live in the past or in the future and miss what is here at the moment. So how do you do that? How do you pay more attention to this moment and what it is, especially on these tropical days?

Why should you appreciate focusing and living the moment?

  1. Reduce feelings of guilt and anger. When you experience this moment to the fullest and enjoy it, you are not preoccupied with tasks you have not yet done or other distractions unrelated to the present. Learn to let go and manage emotions
  2. Recharge your sack of patience to gain clarity and thus be more productive
  3. Listening looks see more. It will increase love on the part of those around you and will positively affect your relationships in life and your sense of authenticity and connection.
  4. Optimistic pleasure and joy
  5. When we focus on this moment, we will become more aware of what makes us good and what promotes our happiness, and we will want to develop habits that will help us appreciate and enjoy these moments more.

Note that habits make it difficult for us to make decisions. It is usually not easy to make a decision, but if there is a habit we do not invest energy in deliberations, it just automatically happens.

For example, I have a habit every morning to get up early before the house wakes up to sit on the porch with Kuscopa and watch. Every time I see new things, and there is also a book, this is the time I get used to reading in the morning and also a moment before going to bed. Even if the eyes are already burning it is also a habit of half a pillar. And it allows you to focus on enjoying appreciating, and living the moment.

You do not have to wait for this moment for you to be free, peaceful, and happier or for the situation here in Israel and in the world to change.

This is the future we do not know what and when it will all end. What we do know is what is happening here today at this very moment.

We are on a journey of insane insanity, and you need yourself the most right now. Pull out your waist and go through an obstacle course. True, our heart is required for hard work and life that creates such demanding changes, and yet no matter where you are on the journey, you can start right now to enjoy the fruits along the way. Open your eyes also with force and look and look for the good in everything. In everything. Strive to be compassionate towards yourself and others, and even if you made a mistake you did not deliver, you succeeded in understanding what happened and moving on.

This freedom and happiness is and begins where you are now.