Forgive Or Not Forgive All The Answers

It is hard for us to forgive after hurting me, even though inside we know… ours it will do good, not just release and heal from pain. And there are considerations why it is worthwhile and why not worth forgiving.

And the answer lies in the price I am willing to pay, on the one hand, to “give up” the feeling of injustice and a few other considerations… and, on the other hand… to live life or get it back…

So why is it so hard to forgive, let go and move on?

Why is it hard for us to forgive?

  • It is not easy to give up the feeling of injustice caused to me. Let go of the feeling of sacrifice.
  • We want to remain in control – the power is in our hands
  • It is difficult for us to forgive because of the fear of being hurt again
  • If I forgive, it will be forgotten: do not forgive, do not forget
  • There is a sense of revenge to bring back after the pain that caused me

Why forgive?

  • Forgiveness helps in health.
  • Forgiveness makes it possible to form social bonds
  • Forgiveness heals and reduces emotional pain
  • Releases blasts
  • Creates motivation

Forgiveness is for me – a change of attitude

When I forgive after it does not mean that I justify the behavior or give legitimacy, but rather I separate the person from the fact.

Because forgiveness does not negate what was. Forgiveness has the potential to release the past and progress.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting, and it does not obligate us to be friends.

Forgiveness is like sending. Sending out of emotional barriers sends what is stuck, releasing it.

Many times people are unaware that the source of their suffering is the remnants of anger as a result of the things they have not yet forgiven within their consciousness.