How To Be Honest With Ourselves?

  • Do not run away from your feelings
  • Be honest in relationships.
  • Are we not afraid to talk to ourselves and check if the story we told ourselves is true?
  • To look into the whites of the eyes and tell ourselves the truth
  • To try, to fail to get up again, and maybe even to admit that the more I learn, the more I understand less?

A lot of courage is required to expose ourselves in front of ourselves and to do so, it is advisable to take advantage of this sincerity! So how do we know that the movies and stories we tell ourselves are true for us today? How can we be more honest and real in front of ourselves?

Honesty Is A Trait

Honesty is also a value associated with integrity, truth, and directness, as opposed to lying, cheating, cheating, theft, etc.

Honesty also includes the ability to be trustworthy, loyal, and fair.

And how true are you that we can look in the mirror in the white of our own poor and say out loud what we feel, what we think, what we would like to happen?

How many wars do we have among ourselves? How many we flee, repress, deny

Telling ourselves stories instead of daring to say, feel, examine and observe to give this sincerity a place of honor

To feel it experience it, and choose how to respond and manage it wisely and wisely of awareness that every decision made thanks to my honesty and exposure to myself has a price. And I know what the price is.

Emotion is born from our interpretation of all sorts of events and situations. The emotion created is what we are doing in our head in thoughts with this event.

And the one thing we can influence is our thoughts.

Notice how important it is, to be honest, and true in this place.

To be honest with ourselves is to dare to face the fear and look him in the eye to grow out of him, to examine what is happening around me.

Show compassion to understand that I am human but along with all this, take responsibility and correct and improve and pinpoint what is bothering me that does not sit well in the heart.

It means I forgive myself for thinking immoral thoughts or feeling something worthless. I’m aware that I’m honest with myself I do not act automatically.