before then. I Love You, Nell

Dear God, Thank you for loving and caring for me.

God, I beg you to take away my pain and make me lose weight and become healthy.

I also ask you to restore health to my 3 children.

I ask you to heal their soul also if they don’t believe in you and love you as they should intervene Father.

God heal my lonilness, please put someone in my life that I can do things with, relate to, and be happy with.

Also, make my 3 children happy.

My granddaughter go inside her soul and head and clean out all the cob webs and let her understand love and affection.

please make her realize that she doesn’t have to exploit her body and emotions in order to receive love.

God, please prosper me.

I just need to pay off my house, car, get another car and truck, fix up my house and get my land cleared, and have enough money to last me the rest of my life.

God please don’t let me suffer in my old age, or get senile.

Please take me before then.

I Love You, Nell