Family Problems

Dear God
Hello God,I have written so many letters to you and you are aware of them.
My question is are you wiping us from face of the earth or what?
Between a witch and you who is powerful?
Do you shut your prayers to people and listen to only few people , you selected?
I am in deep pain, because my family is under serious attack.
Just last Sunday my little brother had an accident, that almost claimed his life. Although he survived he remain with debts he can’t manage to settle,the owner of the car he hit want a new car, you know my brother is an intern,he can’t afford buying new car.i wonder what’s going on within him,I suspect he is suicidal,as you know suicidal spirit had been haunting us.
My other young brother is also going through hard time,with false accusations, that warrant court orders that has nothing to do with him, it’s a maintenance issues. You know he never denied the child and he love her so much, just that a bitter x girlfriend want to see him suffer.
Just today I received a call that my elder brother has been attacked and bleeding heavenly.
Just today I received a call from my mother , that she is lost and can’t find the way to home.
I am also currently battling financial problems,I don’t know whether you hate us or you have given us to our enemies.
It’s hard God very hard,I wonder if our enemies are not looking to take one of us by death or what.
What have we done to deserve the worst, you know we love you,you know we have always depended upon you. if you can’t assist us, who will come to our rescue?

Dear God wipe our tears, dear God be merciful upon us, don’t give our enemies a chance to rejoice over us.
You said in your word that your mercies endures forever, have mercy upon us and rescue us, do not count our sins or God for we have sinned against you,forgive our sins and our unrighteous.

Rescue us from devourers, from hyena, from those who seek our souls.