hank you in Jesus name i pray.

Lord, I come to you in spirit and in truth to ask for your forgiveness of all the wrong doing that I have done and still doing.

I know you are just to forgive and Love us so much.

And I Love you so much and I need your blessings in my life.

You are so kind and loving how can i turn my back on someone who love me so much .

I ask that you will guide me into all truth.

let the light shine on me.

Don?t take your spirit from me and don’t turn your back on me.

I am a good person and I have a good heart but sometimes I fall and can’t get up .

But I am going to keep on going until i get it right.

Please allow me to flow in you love , anoiting , peace and most of all to help people who neds help.

I love you and I know you love me.

I trust you to the fullness.

Thank you for this day that you have made.

I believe I am new in you this day .

Bless my family to the fulness.

Thank you in Jesus name I pray.