I am having trouble forgiveing mormons

A long time ago I was once one of those godless heathen Mormons.

But now have been saved.

It all started when I was about 6 or 7 years old I was almost murdered in a Mormon Church, well that was covered up, years later when I was a teenager I caught some Mormon teenage fag trying to stick his dick in my 4 year old brother in the church’s rest room, I got into trouble for kicking the guys ass in church, but they never did anything about it.

Years later the Mormon Bishop I confessed to after I was changing my life for God, broke the seal of confession, this same thing happened to my mom when she confessed, that Bishop blabbed to his wife, the ward gossip, gossip went thru the whole ward, my mom didn’t return to the church vfor over 35 years after that.

There is so much more negative experiences I have had and the persecution I received after becoming a real….


The thing that gets me the most is how the Mormons treat each other so terribly and outsiders too. Horrible judgement and gossip.

Even their leaders are dishonest and dishonorable, they are always scewing the truth about their history and hiding other facts about the messed up history.

They are not upfront and honest with investigators and them selves.

Their leaders need to be rebuked.

It sure is hard to find a good Mormon any more,..

I wish they would own up to their misdeeds, instead of their lying for the Lord defense..