I am sorry God

O Father Almighty, I come before you as your child.

Please look at me and hear me.

God I shouted at my love so badly last night,i was so angry at him that i spoke to him so badly.

god, the fact is that i miss him and can’t stand the fact that he is with sumone else and this makes me angry.

i try a lot to b a good friend atleast but its so difficult.

once again i come before you ask sorry to him through you and toa sk for forgiveness for my anger from you.

God pls forgive me for shouting and using rude words.

God pls give me strength and more love in my heart and tenderness so that i don’t loose myself in this anger.

I don’t to be angry but i sometimes can’t help myself. Please save me from this anger and also bless him so that he is not hurt by my rude behavior.

pls hear me o god i am sorry amen