I faled you.. Gianna Charles

Dear Lord Jesus, I don’t know where to begin..

I do know that I love you, and my mind is always on you, I don’t think I’ve ever had a best friend like you in my whole life..

I know I have been walking on the lefthanded path, drugs sex anger, revenge, foolishness, hatred, ungratefulness and not witnessing your grace/love/truth and encompassing love; I need you to help me to remove the stone around my heart, and to be able to discern people..

I need to stop judging and start loving, I truly am a loving woman, mother, and friend..

LORD, please protect my son and me from the devil and his legions…

Please come into my life and stay, teach me and I need to give some of this deep anger and hurt to you i can’t bear it anymore..

Oh, and Jesus, I hope I truly am a messianic jew..

Anyways I love you, and please forgive me if i failed you..

Gianna Charles