Love Me And Each Other For Who We Are

I hope that someday, they may forgive me for my weaknesses, shortcomings, and mistakes.

May they both know that I truly hope that, with time they can find it in their hearts to someday forgive me for our past and differences.

The past year has held a lot of hard changes that we never thought or dreamed we would have to experience.

During these difficult changes, feelings have been hurt, and heartache, anger, sadness, and misunderstandings have been taken to heart.

I hope we all can learn from this and that now is the time to forgive so that the healing process can begin.

There have been so many feelings of hurt, anger, and bitterness, that have been felt, and now I feel is the time to let things go because if we hold in these feelings, then the cycle will continue.

I hope that, though with time, hearts can be mended and relationship ties can now become stronger.

I have learned that it is never my place to judge others for their differences or shortcomings and to love them for who they are. Which has been something, at times, I have struggled with.

Also, this all means that to handle these delicate issues, I have to grow up and mature and be more of an adult. May those who have been hurt by all that has happened, I hope that they can forgive me and be able to heal.

I miss the relationship I did have before all of these changes came about.

I never realized how I took for granted the fact that we had a house and lived close to my husband.s family, and had all these things that we were blessed with, especially my in-law’s support, that within a month, all that we took for granted was taken away.

And now that we no longer have those things, I realized through all of it I do miss our home and the closeness that we were establishing between families.

That is one of the things I do miss now that the distance is between us.

All I want to come out of this for myself, my husband, and my daughter is that we can be closer and put these hard times behind us, for it has been one of the hardest things in our lives we have ever had to learn.

Why the change of heart? Because with much pondering and tears, honestly, I have had to learn and realize where my faults are and my wrongdoings.

After all, I was once told that two wrongs do not make a right.

All that I hope for now is that it may not be too late to tell them I don’t hate them and that I have never hated them.

Hate is a strong word that should never be said about anyone.

I only wish that now they can love me still and someday will say in the future that they are glad that I am their daughter-in-law and proud to have me in their family.

Honestly, I know, based on my past, that it has been hard, to say the very least.

But maybe someday….