Your servant Cassandra

Dear God, I am longing to hear from you.

I pray and ask you for your blessings and guidance in my life, and you have been quiet so far.

I think I have dreams from you that gives me hope, but they may be from me.

If I am not in your will, please let me know what to do.

I have no one but you.

I can turn to no one but you.

I will not choose no one but you.

I need you to choose me, please.

Please help me.

Please forgive me for all my sins.

Please make me strong in your love and truth.

Please bring down those who are against me.

Please make me the person you saved me from death to be.

Please consider my prayers and send your blessing accordingly.

Please bless Jennifer and send her your love and blessings according to your will.

Please choose me.

Please see, hear, and answer me.

Please let your love shine down on my family and me.

Bless us all, and keep your love and protection around us all.

Please let the harm others try to put on us be reflected back onto them.

Please be present in my life always and forevermore.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Aman.

Thank you for your time.

Your servant Cassandra