help me, please, I beg you.

I seek help from God.

Dear God, I am currently experiencing some hardships.

I have made a mistake on my finances and have now been in deep trouble.

I tried to call the financing people who are in charge of my car loan, I was hoping they would work with me as far as them work a deal with me.

I do have plans on paying them but because I moved in the middle of the month I ended up paying twice the rent for just one month.

I was expecting to get my deposit back but my old roommate did not move out.

You see I tried to help her when I let her move in with me, but because she decided to stay I could not get my deposit back.

This had caused me to have back pays on my car loan.

I worked really hard to get this car and I don?t want to lose it because of some financing mistake.

I am really hoping that somehow you’d be able to enlighten the person who I will talk to and help me get through this.

The other thing was I tried to get a loan from school and I didn’t get it because the school said that I exceeded the amount of units that I applied for.

This was my other back up plan to pay my back payments on the car loan so now I ended up not being able to make a payment.

Fortunately, I was able to take out half of my 401k plan but it?s not enough.

They are now asking for the whole amount which I don’t have.

I worked so hard, I go to school, I go to work, I even assist instructors in our class for free.

I could have answered their calls before (the collectors) but out of fear I didn’t answer it.

If I knew then what I knew now, I would have at least picked up that call and try to deal with the situation.

Please help me, please, I beg you.