through Christ Our LORD, Amen.

Almighty Father, Thank you for the Blessings that you have given to me in the past, please forgive me for my sins and help me to become a better person.

LORD, I have a special request.

I need your help really bad.

I was laid off from my job in April and here it is November and I have yet to find a job.

I really need your help.

I have used all of my savings and am down to zero dollars now.

I am going to lose my home if I don’t find a decent job very soon.

Please My LORD, shower your love onto me in my time of need and continue to bless me with my daily blessings.

I am so alone and moving toward depression.

Please Holy Father, I’ve come to that point where I can’t take this anymore.

Please send me some Angels and please point me into the direction that will gain me financial stability once again.

I ask this through Christ Our LORD, Amen.