to be to be. your child nicole

Dear God, I am very confused about the path I am to take.

in my life, are many factors some good and some bad.

I don’t know if my choses are the right ones or wrong.

the devil is trying to take me from your graces, I will not let him, I need to know that things will be alright, that no matter what you will be there watching over me.

if you could send some angels to watch over eston, and let him know how much I love him, and we will be together soon one day.

I am sorry for all the sins I have done, I hope one day you can forgive me.

all I want in life is to have my family, to be around people who love me, and to walk with you forever.

my heart is you, but lately, it has been very heavy, not sure of myself and lots of dote.

please guide me to find happiness with my children and peace with my family, and if Anthony and I are meant to be our if there is another, let what is meant to be to be

. your child Nicole