I give you Praise.Amen.

Lord, I am facing surgery, and I want not to be afraid and have a happy life.

Guide the doctor’s hands and their skills. Watch over me Lord and keep me in your erms as I go through this surgery’s I need to make me well and healthy.

I need surgery on both eyes and both knees done yet, and I don’t surgery, but I have been sick for a very long time, and I want to be well.

Then I want to go to California to be with my family out there, want to go visit others I know and the places I use to live.

I want a nice vacation with many happy memories to last me a very long lifetime.

You know all my family, friends and you know who is all in need of salvation, healing, overcoming bad habits, the ones who are hurting for one reason or another, the broken-hearted and the ones who are searching for life and can’t seem to get it done right.

Please help each one and help them all to come through all of it and find that life is worth living and being happy.

Thank you Lord, for protecting each one of us, and I give you Praise.