ving name I pray, AMEN…skyer

Dear Father; I come to you my lord in Jesus? precious name.

I ask forgiveness for all my sins, my Lord.

Which are too many to mention here, but you know what they are because I have asked for forgiveness for them before.

My Dear Father, I ask in Jesus? a beautiful name that you answer my prayer, Dear Father.

I love Susan with all my heart and soul.

I am still very confused as to why she has left.

She says that She has fal out of love with me. I don’t think that that is true.

We have had too much together in the last eighteen years. Two beautiful sons and a daughter that we lost in a miscarriage.

My loving Father, I know I have made some mistakes, but they are not the kind of mistakes that would make someone leave another.

I can and will do anything to repair any problems. There is no infidelity in our marrage, so I know that counceling with you could bring us back together again, and make our love as strong and beautiful as it once was.

I will never neglect Susan again. Please, my Father, show Susan how much she still loves me and put that love in her heart for me, please.

I love her and my sons more than anything or anyone, except you my loving father.

Please just bring us back together oh Lord. I don’t want to make a life without them.

Dear God, I hope your will is that Susan and I grow old together and Love each other we did once not long ago.

It seems that things changed so fast, I didn’t think this could possibly happen to us because we got along so well.

I love her so much Father.

Please step in and take over our marriage my Lord and make it work to please you.

I will do my very best to honor you and her and my sons.

My Dear Lord we are getting so close to divorce proceedings, that only you can make a miracle happen and save us all.

In Jesus? precious name, I ask that You bring Susan and I back together so that you will receive the glory of a loving family that once was and can be again with You leading us and we will be your loyal followers.

In Jesus? loving name I pray, AMEN